5 Things That Can Damage a Kitchen Benchtop

5 Things That Can Damage a Kitchen Benchtop

While day-to-day use will inevitably lead to wear & tear, there are a number of ways you can damage your kitchen benchtops without realising. These instances can build over time and could lead to a substantial repair job in the future. By being aware of the common mistakes that can cause short-term or long-term damage, you can keep your kitchen benchtop in good conditions for years to come.

1) Putting excess weight on your benchtop

While the occasional heavy pot or pan might be okay, putting excess weight on your benchtop through continually sitting on it or placing heavy objects can cause cracks to develop, and over time these can result in the entire slab needing to be replaced.

2) Using harsh cleaning product

Choosing the right cleaning product is essential for the long-term health of your benchtops. Products that contain bleach or ammonia can cause stone or granite tops to fade, while other products can strip away the sealant, which can damage the surface. To prevent damaging your benchtops, stick with soap and hot water.

3) Hot appliances

Many benchtops can withstand the occasional hot appliance, but continually placing hot pots or pans without using a hot pad can cause significant long-term damage.

4) Not cleaning spills

Leaving spills alone for too long can stain or damage your benchtop- especially acidic spills such as juice or tomato sauce, which can cause rapid damage. To avoid any unnecessary damage, make sure to wipe up any spills as soon as possible.

5) Chopping and slicing without a board

Chopping or slicing food directly on a benchtop will gradually wear down the protective sealant, making the top more susceptible to damage, and can even cause your knives to dull quicker. Using a cutting board is always the way to go.

Avoiding these common mistakes will make your benchtop last longer, but even the most durable benchtops will need repair eventually. The Benchtop Guys is the go-to place for benchtop repairs throughout Auckland, so if you’re looking to keep your benchtops in top condition for years to come, get in touch with us today.