Advantages of Uniquartz Benchtops

Advantages of Uniquartz Benchtops

If your kitchen or bathroom needs a new benchtop, you sourcing it in quartz, due to this natural stone’s renowned hardness. However, you can enjoy an even wider range of benefits with your benchtop if your choice of material for it is Uniquartz.

Uniquartz is a brand name for a type of engineered stone comprising 93% quartz and 7% polymer resin. Here are several plus points of Uniquartz benchtops…


Uniquartz is even harder than standard quartz. Since Uniquartz is resistant to heat and is less prone to chipping, cracking, or staining, it can withstand frequent use in kitchens and bathrooms, where benchtops are subjected to various applications.

Ease of Maintenance 

As Uniquartz is virtually non-porous, any liquid that ends up on it is likely to just sit there rather than seep into it. So, you can clean this engineered stone just by wiping it. We advise that you use a damp cloth with hot soapy water so that the benchtop surface looks as good as new.

Uniquartz benchtop

Design Versatility 

For a Uniquartz benchtop, you can choose from dozens of colours — ranging from bright white to dark grey. You can even get Uniquartz benchtops that resemble granite or marble — two natural stone materials that, unlike Uniquartz, are porous and so also more vulnerable to picking up stains.

Environmental Friendliness 

As Uniquartz is made using modern techniques, you probably won’t be too surprised to learn that it is kind to the planet. We use Uniquartz which is made of natural materials and, once installed as a benchtop in your home, won’t emit any substances harmful to human health.

Great Value 

You have to consider not just the upfront price of the Uniquartz benchtop but also its long-term value. This product makes a lot of sense financially, as it is difficult to damage (at least accidentally) and so is unlikely to need replacing or repairing.

If you would like us to install a Uniquartz benchtop in the kitchen or bathroom of your New Zealand home, feel free to contact us for a quote. You can do so by filling in and submitting the inquiry form on our website or by ringing 0800 639 8677.