Customizing Benchtops to Suit Kiwi Kitchens

Customizing Benchtops to Suit Kiwi Kitchens

Your kitchen benchtop should work as a practical workspace as well as offer an aesthetically pleasing focal point that creates an ambience in your kitchen, setting a tone and style. Trends for benchtops in NZ are ever-evolving, but this blog explores some stylish options for benchtops that could transform your kitchen’s overall look.

Why opt for custom Silestone benchtops? 

Silestone is made from around 90% quartz that is bonded with resins and adhesives, making it an extremely hard and durable surface. If you are seeking durability for your benchtop this silestone is a great option. The material is also scratch-resistant, and resistant against stains, making it s practical choice for your kitchen benchtop. On top of this functionality, Silestone comes in a wide range of styles, colours and finishes, meaning that you can get creative when choosing your preferred look for your kitchen benchtop. This is why Silestone has become a growing trend among Kiwi kitchens, offering beauty and elegance to any kitchen.

Why opt for custom Caesarstone benchtops? 



When designing your custom benchtop you’ll want to think about your desired finished look of the kitchen, and how you want to feel when using the kitchen space. Are you aiming for a light and airy feel, or something more sophisticated and dramatic? Your choice of colour for your benchtop material will have an impact on the finished feel of your kitchen. Caesarstone benchtops have been organised into categories, from categories one to four. The higher the category, the more unique the material’s colour variation and detail. This makes Caesarstone a useful material to play around with when customising your kitchen benchtops. You could even create a shadow line edge profile for your kitchen benchtop. This custom design will offer the illusion of a floating benchtop, enhancing the look of your chosen stone further.


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