Exploring Sustainable Surfaces: Obsidiana Benchtops

Exploring Sustainable Surfaces: Obsidiana Benchtops

Kitchen benchtops are a surprisingly diverse world, from granite worktops to wooden veneer. The most important factor in choosing your worktop is undoubtedly the extent to which it fits in with the decor and theme of your home, but what other factors do you need to consider?


Well, sustainability is a huge one, particularly in this modern era of tangible environmental concerns. From what we wear, to what we eat, the environment is now becoming more of a priority than it once had been. The world of kitchen benchtops is no different.


What is sustainability?

Firstly, what do we mean by sustainability? Essentially it is defined as the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level, so we can also think about durability as something that works in tandem with sustainability.


As far as kitchen worktops go, there are plenty of sustainable options, but a new material is taking the world of kitchen benchtops by storm, or perhaps it would be better to say erupting onto the scene.


Obsidiana – A Volcanic Difference

As you might have guessed by now, Obsidiana comes from a volcanic rock and was first presented to the market a few years ago. It’s easy to see why it is popular, given its initial use by Native Americans in creating sustainable resources like weapons and mirrors. Furthermore, it has the beautiful sheen of natural glass.


As well as this, the jet black Obsidiana benchtops are designed to resemble a night sky, with constellations littering the vast expanses of space. As well as being elegant, Obsidiana is also highly adaptable, flexible, durable, and above all sustainable. You needn’t worry about your kitchen’s carbon footprint. Obsidiana is also a doddle to clean, given the smooth sheen of its surface.


So if you’re looking for something new, exciting, and sustainable for your kitchen, then you could do a lot worse than Obsidiana. Available in an array of styles, colours, and contours, why not check out your optionshttps://thebenchtopguys.co.nz/comparison-tool/ at The Benchtop Guys website? When it comes to custom benchtops in Auckland, we know what’s what.