Four Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Kitchen Benchtops

Four Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Kitchen Benchtops

The kitchen is normally the busiest room in the house and as such, your kitchen benchtops see a lot of action. Food is dropped on them, hot dishes are placed on them, and liquids are spilled on them. Sometimes they even have knives scraped across their surface or people drop things onto them. It’s no wonder that you often have to repair a kitchen benchtop.

However, how do you know when a benchtop has been repaired too often and has now reached the end of its life? Here are four tell-tale signs to look out for.


Cracks are a fact of life if you’ve had your kitchen benchtop for some time. There’s only so much chopping and cutting a surface can take, regardless of how hardy it is. Furthermore, putting heavy plates and utensils down can also cause cracks and chips to appear.

It’s likely time to replace your kitchen benchtop if it has a cracked surface. Even if it still functions as a benchtop, it will damage the general look of your kitchen.

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If your benchtop is made from a porous material or it hasn’t been sealed correctly then there is a good chance that spillages will cause permanent staining. Although you can get by with a stained benchtop, it can be very unsightly. The only real way to rectify this is to replace the kitchen benchtop.


It’s a kitchen. It’s only natural that there will be hot pots, pans and plates around. However, if you accidentally or repeatedly place these hot items on your kitchen benchtops, they will wind up causing ugly scorch marks on their surfaces. This will ruin the aesthetics of your kitchen and you will need to replace the kitchen benchtops.


Sometimes kitchen benchtops can continue to look good and function well, but we get tired of their appearance or they fall out of fashion. At times like this, it is time to replace your kitchen benchtops.

If you are looking to replace your kitchen benchtops, then please get in touch. We have many years of expertise and will make your kitchen shine again.