Granite vs. Other Benchtop Materials

Granite vs. Other Benchtop Materials

When you see or hear the term ‘stone countertops’, you probably immediately picture granite benchtops. Making granite involves cutting from natural stone before sealing the cut-off piece to help protect its long-term condition.

You can choose from various materials for a kitchen benchtop. Even when granite seems the most obvious option, should you instead prioritise considering marble, quartz or laminate countertops?

Why Does Granite Work Well in Benchtops? 

Granite benchtops are visually striking — and perhaps not surprisingly so, given the broad mix of materials within them, including feldspar, quartz and plagioclase. Also, as each granite slab has its own unique composition, a countertop in this material would be a truly one-of-a-kind option.

You can also anticipate its beauty staying intact for the long haul. The durability and scratch resistance of granite means it won’t easily incur scratches or cuts. Granite also guards effectively against the risk of permanent, heat-induced damage otherwise posed by pans, pots or trays.

Other Benchtop Materials You Could Consider 

It’s hard to look past the appearance of marble, which espouses luxury and comes in a wide range of elegant colours and styles. Nonetheless, marble is less durable than granite and, as a result, more vulnerable to damage from sharp knives or harsh cleaning products.

For this reason, you could find yourself drawn to laminate countertops. After all, they can mimic marble while remaining resistant to heat, stains and scratches. However, a laminate benchtop is likely to need replacing only about a decade after being installed.

No wonder you could now be considering sourcing a countertop in quartz — an engineered stone capable of replicating the look of granite or marble while also coming encased in a permanent protective resin.

It does bear emphasis, though, that even quartz engineered to resemble granite can still fail to capture its appearance as accurately as the real thing. Also, the resin of quartz can melt in excessive heat.

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