Is It Possible For My Stone Benchtop To Get Damaged?

Is It Possible For My Stone Benchtop To Get Damaged?

A stone benchtop is certainly a sound investment for your home. They are hygienic, add to the design of your kitchen, and are praised for their durability. Unfortunately, many homeowners think of their benchtops as invincible, and lack of care is often the cause of the damage.

As experts in benchtop repairs in Auckland, we have seen our fair share of damaged benchtops over the years. In this article, we’ll provide you with a few common causes of benchtop damage and how you can avoid them.

Ill-Installed Cabinetry

The cabinetry upon which your benchtop sits needs to be very strong. Stone benchtops are extremely heavy, and if they do not have the necessary support under them, there could be various issues such as weak spots. Top-quality, professionally installed cabinetry is an absolute must.

Excessive Heat

Do not get into the habit of placing hot pots on your stone benchtop. You may get away with it a few times, but this can cause uneven expansion of the molecules of your benchtop and cause it to weaken and even crack. Always use a thermal board to place hot pots. Or even a chopping board will do.

Excessive Weight

Yes, your benchtop is very durable but do not test its strength by standing or sitting on your benchtop as this is another common cause of damage. Have a step ladder handy in your kitchen if you battle to reach the top cabinets. Also, avoid stacking exceptionally heavy loads on your benchtop.

Harsh Chemicals

Harsh chemicals, such as certain acids, can cause your benchtop damage by breaking down the special resins and seals. This can result in ugly stains that may be very difficult to get rid of, even with professional help. It is best to use cleaning products that are specifically recommended for stone benchtops. In most cases, warm soapy water should do the trick! Stone benchtops are very easy to clean, so harsh chemicals are really unnecessary.

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