Kitchen Benchtop Trends in New Zealand: What’s In and What’s Out

Kitchen Benchtop Trends in New Zealand: What’s In and What’s Out

Traditionally kitchens were designed to simply be a room for cooking and cleaning. Yet today, kitchens are so much more than that. Kitchens have become a room in our home which can bring friends and family together for eating, drinking and socialising. This use of congregation can be achieved through the choice of benchtops we provide our kitchen with, whether they be in the form of a breakfast bar or a platform to prepare or serve food. The best kitchens for socialising are those which are open-plan.

For high-end kitchen benchtops, quartz still reigns as the supreme material to be used. Quartz is durable meaning it can last a lifetime. Another useful material used for benchtops is granite which is just as great as quartz but may need slightly more maintenance.


Quartz and granite can come in a multitude of colours and finishes in 2023 due to technological advances which allows us to be extremely more creative with our kitchen designs. In 2023, you’re even able to get benchtops with elaborate swirls or large veining to imitate other materials like natural stone. These unique styles have become hugely popular across New Zealand.

So, what are some kitchen benchtop trends for 2023?

Warmer tones are in

Whilst marble finishes will continue to be a classic choice for kitchen benchtops, the richly coloured earth tones are making a comeback in the kitchen in 2023. Benchtops are expected to see more warm colours coming into a trend because they induce a feeling of calmness.

Curve appeal

Curved benchtops can add an ergonomic silhouette to your kitchen. The curved benchtop can create a soft mood in your kitchen and when paired with pastel shades it can create a feel of elegance, which can be hard to capture in a kitchen.

Waterfall edges

You can achieve a luxurious and elegant mood in your kitchen by using benchtops with a waterfall edge that flows down the side of a unit, to create a striking, one-piece silhouette. Even in the most chaotic of households, the right surface with a waterfall edge creates a sense of elegance. Perhaps opt for marble material to enhance this idea.

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