Organise Your Kitchen with These Tips

Organise Your Kitchen with These Tips

It is very easy for your kitchen to become messy and disorganised, especially if you don’t have any organisational features and systems in place. Getting your kitchen nice and neat will help you to find items better, as well as make cooking and preparing meals more enjoyable!

As experts in kitchen design and kitchen benchtops in NZ, The Benchtop Guys provide some practical advice for organising your kitchen!

Step 1: Declutter

Chances are, you may be battling to find things in your kitchen because you have many items that you don’t need. Take the time to go through everything and get rid of or donate utensils and appliances that you don’t use. If you have items that you only use occasionally, you may want to store them in a more “out of the way” cupboard.

Understand the Storage that You Have Available to You

When decluttering, take everything out of your kitchen cupboards so that you have a clear idea of the storage options that you have available. Think carefully about which items require easy access and which can be stored in harder to reach places. If need be, you may need to invest in additional storage.

Clear Your Benchtops

Clearing your countertops of excess utensils and decor makes the space more practical. Only keep the essentials on your countertops, and do what you can to avoid this space becoming a dumping ground of sorts. Having clear countertops will assist in keeping you clear-headed, and will make it easier to wipe down your benchtops after cooking.

Make Use of Clear Containers/ Cutlery Organisers

Clear containers and cutlery organisers are an efficient and affordable way to organise your pantry and cutlery. These items are readily available at most supermarkets and home goods stores.

Create a Map

If you have a large amount of cutlery, crockery, and appliances, you may find it useful to create a map of where you decide to store all your items. This way, you’ll have something to refer to when you can’t find something, and the rest of your household will know exactly where to pack items away when unpacking the dishwasher.

Here at the Benchtop Guys, we are proud to offer our valued clients expert advice when it comes to kitchen design. We also offer top-quality benchtop fabrication for those looking for the perfect kitchen benchtops in NZ. Please contact us to receive an obligation-free quote.