What Are Silestone Benchtops & Are They Worth It?

What Are Silestone Benchtops & Are They Worth It?

When researching the various materials you can choose from for a kitchen benchtop, you could be confused by many of the terms that crop up. Our company alone can install some different benchtops, including ‘Uniquartz’, ‘TrendStone’ and ‘Silestone’ benchtops in NZ.

You might not have realised, however, that all of the above terms in particular are brand names. The ‘Silestone’ brand belongs to Cosentino, a Spanish manufacturer that happens to be one of our suppliers. Let’s explore what Silestone benchtops are and if they are worth it.

In a Nutshell, What are Silestone Benchtops?

The phrase ‘in a nutshell’ is quite apt to use in this instance, as Silestone benchtops are more than 90% quartz, a crystalline mineral renowned for its impressive hardness.

So, while a Silestone benchtop is not technically the hardest material in the world, it remains tough to crack (and scratch and stain, for that matter). It’s also just as well that this is an acid-resistant material, given how good the benchtop surface will look from the start.

Of course, how ‘good’ any benchtop looks will very much depend on where it is installed. However, Silestone benchtops are available in a vast range of colors, styles, and textures. So, whether you want something light or dark, smooth or rough, you can find an aesthetic design to suit.

Why Silestone Benchtops are Ideal for 2020s Lifestyles

Whether you are considering a Silestone benchtop for your kitchen or a customer (we serve both domestic and commercial markets), now is an especially good time to place an order for a new Silestone benchtop — as it will be made using up-to-date procedures fit for the 2020s.

In 2020, Cosentino adopted a new revolutionary technology — Hybrid+ — to strip a significant amount of crystalline silica content out of the established Silestone manufacturing process.

Today, Silestone combines premium with recycled materials and is made with 100% renewable electric energy, leaving Silestone a delightfully sustainable option for our eco-conscious age. The Cosentino website further details the composition of Silestone benchtops.

At The Benchtop Guys, we have the specialist expertise to install a wide range of Silestone benchtops in the NZ city of Auckland. To learn more about what to expect from these products, please ring us on 0800 639 8677.