Benchtop Repairs & Maintenance


Benchtop Repairs

Kitchen benchtops are made to be durable as they need to withstand day-to-day use in a family kitchen. However, even the toughest and most durable options can be damaged. At The Benchtop Guys, we have the solution, as we offer benchtop repairs throughout Auckland.

We’ll come to you to complete the repair, and we can work with just about any stone worktop. We’ll complete the repair effectively using the latest stone surface repair technology. These technologies have advanced in recent years, making it possible for skilled craftsmen like those on our team to repair benchtops to an as new condition.

We also offer competitive prices for benchtop repairs and fixed-price quotes. To find out more, please get in touch.

Other Benchtop Maintenance Services

Do you want to make changes in your kitchen but want to keep your benchtop? Are you doing something similar in a laundry or bathroom? At The Benchtop Guys, we can make the necessary changes to your benchtop to accommodate the new fixtures or fittings you are installing.

Examples of the maintenance work we can complete include:

  • Refitting sinks into your benchtop to ensure a perfect fit.
  • Enlarging the space in your benchtop to accommodate a new cooktop.
  • Drilling holes in the benchtop for taps, air switches, and water filters without causing damage to the surrounding area.

Once we have completed our work, your benchtop will retain its high standard of finish, even with the new fixtures and/or fittings installed. To get a quote for the benchtop maintenance work that you need, please give us a call.

Our Expertise

We have extensive expertise in manufacturing benchtops for a wide range of customers across New Zealand. Our customers trust us because of the quality of our workmanship and the dedication we have to our craft.

You can benefit from these skills if you need alterations or repairs made to the benchtop in your house. Get in touch today.